Widen tax base, spend more efficiently

Joanna is a single mum looking after her son in a makeshift house outside of Majuro in the Marshall Islands. Every week she gets a visit from home educators who give her advice on the right food and games that will help her boy develop and thrive. The World Bank’s $13 million support for early childhood in the Marshall Islands will help more vulnerable mother’s access this crucial service.

World Bank's Advice to 9 Pacific Economies

The World Bank says six Pacific Island countries are at high risk of debt distress, and that gradual cuts to government spending are vital for balancing budgets and avoiding sharp cuts to public services in the years ahead.

The authors of "Raising Pasifika: Strengthening Government Finances to Enhance Human Capital in the Pacific: A Public Expenditure Review for Nine Pacific Island Countries," say Kiribati, Marshall Islands . . .

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