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The Pacific Community (SPC) publishes a diverse range of scientific, technical and cultural publications in English and French year-round

In a rapidly changing and interconnected world, strategic foresight is increasingly used by organisations to envision, anticipate and better prepare for change. As SPC reflects on the impact of its scientific research and knowledge over the 75 years of its existence, coupled with its technical service to the development of the Pacific region, this publication documents the learning from the past, leveraging of present achievements, and imagining preferred futures. With this compendium, SPC tells its future stories and celebrates staff capabilities in using strategic foresight to deepen their perspectives of their work and impacts and document action learning experiences.

This publication provides a detailed and important overview of a wide range of soil surveys, research activities and other project initiatives undertaken by New Zealand in these countries and includes a comprehensive bibliography. This history was painstakingly compiled and written by David Leslie, who was closely involved in soil activities over many years in each country as a researcher and later as a leader. Through this work, Leslie became highly familiar with the prevailing circumstances in these small island states and their work around soil science.

The Pacific Regional Culture Strategy (PRCS) is mandated by the governments of Pacific Islands countries and territories (PICTs) and continues the work of the previous strategy. It draws from the lessons learned over the past decade and takes a future-focussed perspective in the context of the Pacific cultural story, recognises the distinct priorities of each PICT and identifies those areas where PICTs can work collectively using shared cultural values towards common goals and priorities. The PRCS takes a holistic approach and aims to capture both sustainable development aspirations as well as safeguarding and protective interests. The policy direction taken by the PRCS is aligned with and complements other regional commitments including the Pacific Framework for Regionalism (2014).

Cet ouvrage a pour vocation d’encourager la consommation de fruits, légumes et tubercules locaux en mettant en avant leurs avantages nutritionnels. Ce recueil de recettes océaniennes simples met en relation, de manière amusante, la couleur des fruits, légumes et tubercules et leur intérêt nutritif. Cet ouvrage insiste sur les bienfaits de la consommation d’au moins cinq portions de fruits et légumes par jour pour rester en bonne santé et prévenir l’apparition de maladies non transmissibles comme le diabète, l’obésité et les maladies cardiovasculaires.

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