Tonga eruption

Tonga: the scientific response

When the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted on January 15 this year, there were no sirens to alert the people of Tonga

Extending manaaki to our community

A 40-foot container full of desks and chairs has been shipped over to schools in Tonga following January’s volcanic eruption. Several schools

Farewelling the HMAS Canberra as it departed Tonga following volcano, tsunami and COVID assistance this month. PHOTO: Government of Tonga

Tonga lockdown restrictions eased

Lockdown restrictions in Tonga will be eased with businesses able to operate for three days starting on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, said

commonwealth games baton

Pacific women thrive in world of sports

Champion Cikamatana carry Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton The Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay has completed its brief visit to Australia after following