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Official line on TV bump

THE world of TV can be a cutthroat business with operators trying to squeeze maximum dollar out of every possible minute of

2015 August

Cyanide risk

Closed Gold Ridge mine triggers concern UNTIL April 2014, Gold Ridge was the sole operating mine in the Solomon Islands and contributing

2015 August

New momentum for disarmament

Anniversaries bring action on nukes SEVENTY years ago, a US aircraft flew from Tinian Island in the northern Marianas to the Japanese

2015 August

Working smarter for our tuna

State of Tuna Report 2015 – Special Feature EXPECT the Pacific’s work on managing its lucrative tuna resource to get better and

2015 August

James Movick secures 3 more years

SUSTAINABILITY will be key as Director General of the Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency James Movick secures his second and final three year

2015 August

The Pacific bigeye problem

State of Tuna Report 2015 – Special Feature While researchers test promising technical solutions at sea, decisive action to end the overfishing

2015 August

Cruise options bring hope

Bougainville looks beyond mining to tourism WITH increasing pressure from local landowners on environmental issues, Bougainville is looking for options which will