James Movick secures 3 more years

SUSTAINABILITY will be key as Director General of the Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency James Movick secures his second and final three year term as Director General of the Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency. With the Ministers of Fisheries in the Pacific endorsing the sustainable Pacific fisheries roadmap, Movick said his final term will be all about driving resource sustainability and economic development objectives of FFA-member nations.

“That will require commitment and engagement by a broad range of stakeholders but as DG I will be particularly focused on two strategic aspects: (i) strengthening fundamental regional unity and cooperation, highlighting in particular the promotion and creative application of zone based rights management frameworks that are the fundamental basis of FFA member success in tuna fisheries management and development opportunities over the past 35 years, and (ii) enhancing and coordinating effective management of the distinct fisheries of common interest and other sub regional cooperative arrangement (such as PNA, Tokelau Arrangement, TVM and MSG FTAC) within the overall regional collaborative framework.

“Continuing to assist FFA members to strengthen their national capacity in all aspects of fisheries management and development, in particular increasing professionalization of fisheries personnel, upgrading legal and analytical frameworks and promoting integrated multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approaches to fisheries management and development, but also looking at creative and practical regional supplementation of national capacity such as the establishment of the newly approved Regional Competent Authority Service (RECAS).

“Strengthening the FFA secretariat to be oriented toward the future needs of members within a more stable financing basis including through more effective use of service fees and broadening the donor and partnership base, while driving improved internal service, costefficiency and transparency.

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