‘Powerful Men of Solomon Islands’

I am actually emailing to flag my serious concerns with the way the July IB whispers column had again put up a piece about my work here and some alleged altercations with Fiji and Solomon Islands Government authorities in my role as accountant-general in the Solomon Islands. I only got to read the July IB issue early this week. I am a great fan and avid reader of IB as the leading monthly business publication in the region. However, with all due respect I would like to humbly request IB to please refrain from occasionally casting me as a cause of discord with these relevant authorities in duly exercising my work responsibilities. I understand there may be some public interest in these matters but the media twist of these whispers articles has often put me at odds with these authorities unnecessarily, and in some instances with unfortunate consequences personally for me and my family. With my family’s safety and livelihood at stake, as has been the case in the past on these occasions, I would like to dispel this misplaced impression of me as an incalcitrant public servant in the course of my career in the region.

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