Our Ocean’s Promise

A MIMRA fisheries observer, left, oversees the unloading of tuna for delivery to the Majuro-based Pan Pacific Foods tuna processing facility that cleans, filets, cooks and freezes the tuna for later export to canneries internationally. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

From Aspirations to Inspirations: The Marshall Islands Fishing Story

By Giff Johnson

The story of how the Marshall Islands went from being a bystander in commercial fishing in the Pacific to operating the world’s busiest tuna transshipment port, two fish processing facilities, a purse seine vessel net repair yard, and a fleet of locally-flagged and -based fishing vessels is documented in Giff Johnson’s new book, “Our Ocean’s Promise: From Aspirations to Inspirations — The Marshall Islands Fishing Story”.

We publish an extract of the book with Giff’s . . .

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