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2015 August

Fiji TV strips to bare minimum

DIGICEL has emerged as a front-runner for the purchase of Fiji Television’s 23 channels under the Sky Pacific platform. Fiji TV chairman

2015 August

NRL rights stall TV deal

PNG company wants change to $25m venture A MULTI-MILLION dollar deal for the sale of Media New Guinea Limited hangs in the balance

2015 August


A WHISPER in the Solomon Star says Solomon taxpayers are being forced to pay $3.7 million for the hire of a speed-boat

2015 August

Canoe run for chocolate factory

The Uto Ni Yalo sails from Fiji to Vanuatu and then to Bougainville where it will load cocoa beans for New Zealand.

2015 August

Winds of change

WITHOUT much fanfare, our new look went online early last month. It’s the first of at least three phases of re-development

Young Christian Meeting

SUVA, Fiji – YOUNG Christians will gather at Navuso Methodist Church on Sunday to pray for reunification between North and South Korea.Organised