Fiji TV strips to bare minimum

DIGICEL has emerged as a front-runner for the purchase of Fiji Television’s 23 channels under the Sky Pacific platform. Fiji TV chairman and CEO of Fijian Holdings Limited, Nouzab Fareed, said a non-disclosure agreement had been signed with with Digicel Fiji and four other entities for a potential strategic partnership regarding Sky Pacific. “This may involve a partial divestment of Sky Pacific but at this stage discussions are in progress,” the company said. Meanwhile, Fiji TV – a subsidiary of Fijian Holdings Ltd – has started plans for a transition to a digital platform.

As part of this development the company plans to launch a second channel – Fiji Two – which is likely to carry alternative free to air programming. Fiji TV CEO Geoffrey Smith said the company would maintain the Super Channel, Fiji One, the Pacific Channel and the new Fiji Two. “The remaining 22 channels on the Sky Pacific platform are what is “We expect Fiji TV to carry Super Rugby, the sevens and movies along with some new local programmes. It will remain a safe,conservative channel.

“The new Fiji Two platform will allow us the potential to experiment with programmes, a little left-field content. You will be able to see a difference in the two channels.” Smith said new regulations on programme content would mean the possibility of providing faith-based organisations – among others – with time to broadcast services, interviews and events. There will also be opportunities for independent content providers to produce programmes for broadcast.

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