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Pacific Islands students join the climate strike
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The Pacific looks to Glasgow

What will the Pacific islands region be prioritising at the COP26 climate talks? By Dr Ian Fry As wildfires take lives and

Kava exports as an economic activity

Debt traps and doing business

Tourism may be the poster child of the Pacific’s post-COVID economic crisis, but it’s not the only sector that has suffered. A


Science in a different dialect

The Pacific region has relied on traditional knowledge from time immemorial to predict bad weather. Across our ocean of islands, sightings of


Behind the story

Ruben Vulawalu returned to his village of Drue, Kadavu after 20 years for his story, Between a rock and a hard place.


Between a rock and a hard place

In the Fijian village of Drue in Kadavu, locals face a life-changing decision: to remain at the mercy of the rising ocean, or

Pacific Islands students join the climate strike
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Summits on the road to Glasgow

As countries prepare for the next round of global climate negotiations in Glasgow, major powers are organising a series of summits and