Time to go pink

THE scourge of cancer is a threat no Pacific community can afford to take lightly. Each year, thousands of Pacific islanders are cut down – many in the prime of life – by an illness which could be eradicated if detected early and managed well.

In Fiji the Colonial War Memorial Hospital will undergo developments to allow the facility to handle an increased number of cancer patients. Instead of travelling overseas for treatment, patients should now be able to receive treatment in their home country while being close to the support and care of their loved ones. It also provides an alternative treatment facility for Pacific nations like Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Samoa.

Fiji’s Health Ministry in conjunction with the Fiji Cancer Society and a number of business houses have launched a campaign to screen at least 500 women this month and reduce the deaths caused by this killer. At Fiji Airways, pilots will exchange the gold bars on their uniforms for pink stripes as they attempt to create awareness, particularly on breast and cervical cancers.

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