Digicel chief upbeat

Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer in Fiji, Darren McLean, expects big changes in the television market with his company’s entry in television industry. He talks to Islands Business.

ISLANDS BUSINESS: How does Digicel intends to capitalise on the opportunities that will arise from the Fiji Government’s intention to implement its television digitalization policy?

MACLEAN: We expect the DTT platform to increase the quality of programs in Fiji and based on our exclusive properties we think uptake will be strong as customers can now view Super Rugby and other exclusive competitions in HD. In addition the distribution of equipment will mean that the process for activating pay TV customers will be far simpler.

ISLANDS BUSINESS: What will this mean for customers of Digicel in this country?

MACLEAN: I believe this will mean for customers under DTT coverage the quality and accessibility of Pay TV will be significantly improved – this is a great benefit for customers. What remains to be seen is how government will ensure that customers in all areas of Fiji will be able to use the service. Currently Sky Pacific has 100% coverage. The new DTT platform must be able to achieve the same level of coverage so that the people can stay connected and informed. TV has a great role to play in education so this needs to be at the forefront of our planning.

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