Content is king for Vodafone Fiji

CELL phone users in Fiji should expect bigger, better and more variety in content of services they will be able to access on their mobile devices once the Fijian Government implements its digitalisation programme, so says the CEO of Vodafone Fiji, Pradeep Lal.

“Mobile phones are highly penetrated and widely accessible and increasingly being used as medium for communication, information and entertainment. Digitization of TV would make it easier for mobile network operators to play in the TV space by offering “on-demand” videos, information and entertainment through the mobile device.

Terrestrial TV allows little flexibility to viewers because of fixed TV programme schedule. “On demand” content via smart devices and phones through the mobile network will allow viewers the flexibility to view content at their convenience,” says Lal. Responding to Islands Business questions via electronic mail, the Vodafone Fiji boss said there are various models that mobile network operators adopt to enter into the TV space. Acquisition of existing TV stations is but one such strategy.

This is what its competitor in Fiji, Digicel has done with the acquisition last month of Fiji Television’s satellite based service, Sky Pacific. Vodafone ruled out doing a similar acquisition, commenting that it believes in the philosophy that “content is king.” “This would mean more variety, wider accessibility and greater flexibility and freedom on the type of contents individual customers are able to view at their convenience.

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