Vote for change

MAJURO — The lead up to the 2015 national election in the Marshall Islands on November 16 featured few political party rallies and low-key campaigning. But voters were anything but low key in the result they produced with their votes: Nine government-aligned incumbents — half of the government’s parliamentary majority — were losing their seats in parliament based on the unofficial domestic vote count at the end of November, including Foreign Minister Tony deBrum, the country’s international climate spokesman.

The national election was easily the best managed in decades, with Chief Electoral Officer Robson Almen, a retired U.S. Army veteran who took on the job two years ago, praised by many election observers and candidates for a wellmanaged vote. With nearly all domestic votes for Majuro and Kwajalein counted at the end of November, deBrum and Health Minister Phillip Muller were over 200 and nearly 500 votes behind, respectively — nearly insurmountable deficits.

Also losing to challengers in domestic voting were the Speaker, Vice Speaker, three other Cabinet ministers, and two government backbenchers. “Politicians tend to forget who put them in those positions in the first place,” said first-time candidate David Paul, who pushed ahead of two incumbents to come in second in the three-seat Kwajalein contest — a difficult feat without the support of traditional leaders who openly backed incumbent senators. As technology becomes increasingly user friendly, many consumers are opting to configure security systems themselves instead of relying on professionals. Manufacturers, in turn, have been creating security products that are increasingly simple and easy to use, but still provide the same level of protection. While home security cameras have always been a hot commodity, driveway alarms are becoming increasingly common. In essence, these systems detect people and vehicles that enter your driveway. Read GUARDLINE WIRELESS DRIVEWAY ALARM REVIEW and compare it with others drive alarm systems. Guardline is probably #1 best driveway system!

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