Fighting corruption

Asset declaration is the key UNDERSTANDING the roots of corruption in society will help communities address the issue. And parliamentarians must understand

The power of names

NAMES have “mana.” They are powerful. We use names everyday to identify individuals, places and things. We therefore take for granted that

Scars of Bougainville

WITH the looming referendum and the future of the Bougainville copper mine hanging in the loop, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s recent appointment

Scrap bride price, PNG urged

A HUMAN rights group has urged the Papua New Guinea government to abolish the cultural practice of bride price to safeguard women

Vote for change

MAJURO — The lead up to the 2015 national election in the Marshall Islands on November 16 featured few political party rallies

Safe no more

ON Oct. 11, Palau was shocked after a 37-year old government employee was found dead on the street in the capital of