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2015 December

Top cop’s departure sparks controversy

FIJI’S former Police Commissioner, South African Major General Ben Groenewald, has scoffed at any notion that there are no police officers capable

2015 December

Scrap bride price, PNG urged

A HUMAN rights group has urged the Papua New Guinea government to abolish the cultural practice of bride price to safeguard women

2015 December

Vote for change

MAJURO — The lead up to the 2015 national election in the Marshall Islands on November 16 featured few political party rallies

2015 December

Safe no more

ON Oct. 11, Palau was shocked after a 37-year old government employee was found dead on the street in the capital of

2015 December

WEST PAPUA Activists fight on

ONE year from now the People of Papua will mark the 50th anniversary of their independence from the Dutch and the raising

2015 December

A bull in the China shop

Spain and China: Rising threats to regional tuna stocks THE harbour in Suva’s capital is dotted with boats – long line fishing

2015 December

What the Pacific means to China

TUNA is not China’s only interest in the region. With mining and timber resources in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and

2015 December

Activist: Don’t let them in

WITH Pacific eyes watching every move made by China in its slow, systemic advance into the region and its tightening grip on

Renewed momentum at tuna talks

AS the world heads into the end of year festive season, Pacific families across the region will be sending travellers off to