Activist: Don’t let them in

WITH Pacific eyes watching every move made by China in its slow, systemic advance into the region and its tightening grip on

Palau’s Vice President, Jerrlyn Uduch Sengebau Senior

Renewed momentum at tuna talks

AS the world heads into the end of year festive season, Pacific families across the region will be sending travellers off to


FAST taking shape in what was once a thriving pine plantation not far from Fiji’s international airport is what the signboard declares

Corrupted trade routes in the Pacific

Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomons and Samoa top global trade estimates for illicit financial flows THREE of the world’s top ten most corrupted

El Nino It’sNot Over

FROM the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the western Pacific to the salad bowl on the southern coast of Fiji’s main

Deaths and no water

TWO small children have died of malnutrition in Tanna, there are seven deaths of children under 12 in Santo that may be

Tough times for nickel

ON the London Metals Exchange, the price of nickel has been on a rollercoaster. With slowing demand from China, the LME price

Expecting the worst from El Nino

SOLOMON Islanders will be feeling the worst brunt of the current El Niño period this month (December) and through to early next