Coconut craze with virgin natural oil

Acoconut oil craze has been circulating beauty parlours around the world for the last couple of years – that it is a miracle answer to skin infections and it’s a natural way to remove makeup. So much so that the popular and affordable oil from the Pacific Islands became a super-hit choice for young girls and even boys in parts of Australia, New Zealand, countries in Asia and even Europe.

“As if it isn’t already amazing enough, it boasts a long list of healthcare benefits too,” leading Australian fashion writer Katherine Tweed reported last month. From Samoa cracking the high-end Body Shop market in the United Kingdom, the Kokonut Solomon Islands launch into Australia to a New Zealand Blue Coconut company sourcing pure organic coconut oil from Fiji, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea – the demand for coconut oil from the Pacific Islands is growing from strength to strength.

Promoted as organic and exotic oil, reviews about how pleasant coconut oil has been are phenomenal. Some have said the coconut oil has been “life changing” or simply “perfect” and others have said they are “never turning back.” “As someone who is often sceptical of these fads and phrases, especially ones that are organic or natural, I was pleasantly surprised.

“Every scrap of makeup, even my waterproof makeup, came off my face with ease and although my skin felt a little oily afterward it was incredibly soft,” wrote Tweed. “Rather than take off all the oil, I splashed my face with water and left it on overnight as a moisturiser.” Another refining and distribution company in New Zealand, Blue Coconut has put out a publication, 50 ways to use coconut oil from the Pacific Islands – where it grows wildly due to tropical weather. Blue Coconut sources its popular highly-organic oil from Madang and Rabaul in Papua New Guinea, Santo in Vanuatu, Wild Virgin Oil from Fiji and those from Samoa.

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