Fiji pearl producer goes for blue pledge

Derailed by the huge devastation wrought by super-cyclone Winston in 2016. Fiji’s exclusive J. Hunter Pearls is back on the path of restoring what it lost and at the same time doubled up on its efforts in ocean conservation.

In addition to building back stronger by commissioning its new million dollar hatchery, J. Hunter Pearls through its principals Justin Hunter and wife Leanne have hit the road promoting their blue pledge concept.

“We lost 30km of long lines with some 120,000 young oysters, our showroom destroyed, jetty gone, and our hatchery completely destroyed. Loss of infrastructure, value of lost income puts at about F$6 million,” said Hunter. “This year and next will see us producing roughy just 1 / 5 of expected pearls.”

Instead of throwing in the towel, Hunter resolved in a meeting with his 51-member staff after Winton that they would rebuild and continue to grow the business located in the coastal town of Savusavu in northern Fiji.

“This is about resilience, about people about island communities that have a very few options for earning foreign exchange,”

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