Unity Fiji’s Narube persists

Fiji’s next national election may be some time off, but political leaders of all persuasions have been meeting constituents across the country in recent months. Joe Yaya caught up with Unity Fiji leader, Savenaca Narube in Fiji’s north recently.

Unity Fiji leader, Savenaca Narube believes an alternative leadership is what the people of Fiji are calling for, and more urgently, what the country needs at this time.

“You may have a good party, the best lineup in Fiji, but if you have a leader that doesn’t have the capacity to lead the country, then what’s that?”

Narube unsuccessfully led Unity Fiji to the polls for the first time in 2018, following a long and distinguished career with the Ministry of Finance and Reserve Bank that abruptly ended in 2009. While moving up the hierarchy in the bank, Narube undertook attachments with the World Bank in Washington DC. He also spent a few years at the IMF, and today consults for the Asian Development Bank.

Four days before the May 2000 coup, he was appointed governor of the RBF. The upheavals of 2000 tested Narube’s ability and competence to handle the country’s finances during those tumultuous times.

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