Fiji’s Abdul Lateef – An Untold Story

The late Abdul Lateef, founder of Lateef & Lateef Lawyers in Suva, was uninterested when it was suggested that a book be written about him.  A lifetime of service to country before his retirement in the late

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Unity Fiji’s Narube persists

Fiji’s next national election may be some time off, but political leaders of all persuasions have been meeting constituents across the country in recent months. Joe Yaya caught up with Unity Fiji leader, Savenaca

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Marching into Fiji’s ‘Frank’ new political order

In 1965, buoyed by the outcomes of the constitutional conference in London, the Leader of Government Business in Fiji’s colonial government, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara sent a cable home: ‘Ni yalovinaka ni kakua ni

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