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2016 January


Action for change WHEN the Fijian Prime Minister recently stood up at the recent International Sugar Organisations meeting in London and declared

2016 January

CYBER FRAUD A crime without borders

FIJI, as one of the South Pacific’s most developed economies, is fast becoming a prime target for “cyber thieves” across the Globe.

2015 December

El Nino It’sNot Over

FROM the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the western Pacific to the salad bowl on the southern coast of Fiji’s main

2015 December

A bull in the China shop

Spain and China: Rising threats to regional tuna stocks THE harbour in Suva’s capital is dotted with boats – long line fishing

2015 September

SEDITION Arrests and denials

A COMPANY of Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) soldiers has joined local police investigations into allegations of militarytype training in a

2015 August

Fiji TV strips to bare minimum

DIGICEL has emerged as a front-runner for the purchase of Fiji Television’s 23 channels under the Sky Pacific platform. Fiji TV chairman

Security stays tight after win

Despite a landslide election win and claims of nationwide popularity, the security cordon around Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has not weakened.