Analysis: Steps forward on Loss and Damage at COP28

When Fiji was hit by Cyclone Winston in 2015, it caused F$2 billion worth of loss and damage. The Fiji government’s official post-disaster assessment highlighted many adverse impacts. Nearly 40,000 people required

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Science points to ‘climate collapse’ as UN chief calls COP28 to action

The world is heating up at an unprecedented pace, new climate data shows, and leaders gathered for the COP28 conference which opened in Dubai on Thursday must get us out of “deep trouble”, UN Chief António Guterres

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Yoyo Tuki: Proud cultural ambassador of Rapa Nui

Easter Island or Rapa Nui—which lies 3700km from Chile to the east and 4000 from Tahiti to the west—is famous for its ancestral sculptors who created the ancient colossal Moai stone statues. Their progeny, Jorge

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