Fiji 2022 elections: Pre-Poll voting begins December 5th

Photo: Fijian Elections Office

The Fijian Elections Office has announced today Pre-Poll Voting for the 2022 Fiji General Election begins from Monday, December 5, 2022.

Fiji’s Electoral Act allows for votes to be cast early in remote locations or in places where there are not enough voters for the establishment of a polling station.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem says the FEO will start deploying teams from this week to remote areas and outer islands so that Fijians living in these areas could cast their votes.

“We currently have 77,907 registered voters who will be voting during pre-poll in the 613 venues,” Saneem said.

The SOE clarified schedules for pre-poll have also been shared with the respective Turaqa-ni-Koros, District Advisory Councilors and the Roko-ni-Tuis so that voters in their areas could be informed.

“Registered votes are reminded to bring their voter cards to the polling station and if they are unsure of anything while inside the polling station, they can seek the assistance from the Presiding Officer.

Voters can access pre-poll times and venues from the FEO website on and on their Facebook page.