Vanuatu Maritime Safety Authority (VMSA) Partners with Quality Solutions on ISO9001 Certification

VMSA Commissioner Napuati awarding ISO9001 contract to Quality Solutions Manager, Mr. Palu.

In endeavoring to improve its core internal processes and international credibility as a Maritime Regulator, the VMSA has today signed an agreement with local consulting firm, Quality Solutions, to assist it to obtain ISO9001 certification. This is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) issued by ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) of Switzerland.

As part of VMSA’s obligations to ratify and implement the IMO(International Maritime Organisation) Conventions, to which it is party, an effective QMS has to be in place to ensure effective discharge of duties and for audit purposes.

The QMS is a mechanism that ensures continual improvement of its internal processes, through proper planning, implementation, verification and corrective actions. It is based on the famous PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle developed by Dr. Edward Deming of the US.

A QMS requires VMSA to not only document its core processes but also to implement them consistently, be internally audited and improved upon. Hence, continual improvement is planned. It also requires VMSA to meet its client’s requirements, as well as all applicable regulations and international conventions on an ongoing basis.

With the ISO9001 Certificate, the VMSA must be audited by an ISO auditor on an annual basis, to maintain their certificate.

The Commissioner, Less John Napuati, reiterated his commitment to meeting the IMO conventions, with the confirmation during a regional meeting of maritime regulators that indeed VMSA will gain 3rd party certification of its QMS, under the internationally recognized ISO9001 standard.

Quality Solutions is ISO9001 certified as a consulting firm, with its scope of certification being “Business Advisory services and auditing of Management Systems” based in Port Vila. Its objective is to assist Pacific Island organisations to obtain international standards, in an affordable and timely manner, and in accordance with its clients’ specific context within the Pacific.

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