Design, Procure, Construct & Maintain Pressure Sewer Systems


Pressure Sewer Services Australia (PSSA) is a privately owned Australian Company who established itself as a successful business specialising in Pressure Sewer Systems in early 2001. Since its inception, PSSA has established itself as the market leader in the installation of Pressure Sewer Systems throughout Australia and the Pacific region. Our team offers a one-stop solution by providing design, procurement, construction, and maintenance services to our clients.

PSSA is committed to delivering all facets of Pressure Sewer Systems in a professional and experienced manner regardless of how large or small the project may be.

Our purpose is to create long-term partnerships with Government Agencies, Water Authorities, and private clients in Australia and abroad. To date, PSSA has completed thousands of property design plans, including electrical and plumbing audits, and pressure sewer pump installations in various locations around Australia and the Pacific.


Pressure Sewer Systems are an economical and environmentally friendly sewerage collection system used by Government Agencies and Water Authorities. They are widely used in areas that cannot be serviced by gravity, reticulated sewerage systems. Pressure Sewer Systems are generally used in sites or areas with rocky terrain, high water tables, are steep or hilly, in areas with slow population growth and in environmentally sensitive locations. Pressure Sewer installations have become a popular choice by our clients and customers to solve all their wastewater concerns.

Pressure sewer can be adapted to suit each individual case with a diverse range of products such as varying tank sizes, multiple pump configurations and custom-made systems to suit individual applications. Pressure sewer can operate as a stand-alone system or it can be integrated into existing rising mains, wastewater treatment plants or gravity sewer systems.


PSSA provides tailored solutions to our clients. Our qualified personnel can design effective plans for all wastewater requirements whether it is for private, residential properties, large community projects, industrial and commercial businesses, or feasibility studies.


PSSA also offers consulting and procurement services to our clients.

We can assist with feasibility studies of pressure sewer systems vs gravity sewer systems. We can also provide recommendations for clients wishing to purchase pumps and other assets, and can assist with navigating the entire process. We also offer:

  • Community consultation services to inform and educate the community on the benefits of pressure sewer systems, particularly in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Implementation and development of pressure sewer policies, including the development of standard drawings for pressure sewer systems.

  • Training and education of Authority personnel for the installation, maintenance, and servicing of pressure sewer systems.


PSSA is the most experienced company in Australia for the installation of Pressure Sewer Systems. PSSA has successfully installed thousands of units in many different terrains across Australia and also the Pacific.

With this comprehensive knowledge and experience, PSSA has the leading edge with its experience and technology, and is capable of handling both small-and large-scale projects. PSSA has, over many years, developed procedures that streamline construction processes to ensure minimal disruption to its operations. This enables us to deliver projects on time and in excess of our client’s expectations.


PSSA can also offer clients, as part of the ongoing service, programmed maintenance and health checks on their pressure sewer system.

PSSA has the full support of manufactures with parts and technical support, including handling factory warranty claims. Clients and customers are assured that any issues with the pressure sewer assets installed on their properties will be maintained to a high standard.

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