A Nuclear Engineer’s Solar Company

When Dawn Renewable Energy founder and CEO, Paul Huang was looking to move on from his role with a nuclear power plant, he looked at Australia, Canada and Dubai before his pastor suggested “why don’t you think about Fiji?”

Paul spent a year researching and surveying the Fiji market, flying here twice, before deciding to establish Dawn Renewable Energy (Fiji).

“I was attracted by the natural landscape and peaceful ‘bula culture’, as well as the big potential for development of renewable energy,” he says. “I checked the solar potential. Fiji has great opportunity, with many areas still lacking power, so I think maybe we can do something good here.”

Paul aims to build a professional solar company offering a one-stop service; from system design, supply, installation, and commissioning to maintenance in Fiji and in the wider Pacific islands region.

“I’m not a rich businessman, I’m an engineer, and I’m always learning and improving,” he says.

“We aim to provide high quality, modern and affordable solar to the public. That’s our mission in solar. And we’d like to share our knowledge with communities—especially in rural areas and in outer islands—so they can install solar systems by themselves to save on costs.

“Of course, everyone is welcome to contact us about free consultations on their solar needs. We’d like to help people to analyse their systems. You can call me or my team any time.”

Dawn Renewable Energy offers a wide range of solar products including air conditioners, freezers, home generators and solar lights; drying machines, ice making machines and solar pumps. They can also set up solar power systems for factories and entire villages, as well as solar power plants.

The company has supplied its products and services to customers in Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. “We are looking for some good companies and partners as wholesalers in the South Pacific,” Paul says.

For residential customers, he suggests an Integrated Solar Home Generator System. “It’s the most suitable for families’ basic power demands, especially for rural areas and outer islands.

“It can power the deep freezer, fridge, washing machine, TV, fan, light, charger, laptop, rice cooker, small sound system and small photo copy machine.

“All electrical components are integrated in one generator, as well as the solar batteries for safety. There’s no fuel and no noise. We installed some systems at Vanua Levu before Cyclone Yasa, and they are still working well now, despite the cyclone.”

Residential Solar
Dawn Renewable Energy CEO and Chairman, Paul Huang (left) and Aaron Chen (right). Photos: Supplied
Handover event with Republic of Fiji Military Forces
Solar generator installation at customer Ratu Iliesa’s home

For more information or a consultation, contact:

Dawn Renewable Energy (Fiji) Pte. Ltd
Mobile: (679) 9791300; 7849322
Email: paul@dawnfiji.com
Address: Martintar, Nadi
Website: www.dawnfiji.com
Facebook: Dawn Solar in Fiji

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