Nauru declared State of Disaster

Photo: Nauru Government/Facebook

Nauru’s Acting President Martin Hunt has revoked the declaration of state of disaster for Aiwo District but declared a state of disaster for the whole of Nauru for the management of the impacts of the UXO bomb.

On 07 July 2023, a large WW2 UXO 500lb bomb was found in Aiwo District. 

On Thursday 20 July 2023, the UXO bomb will be disarmed and made safe. 

“This procedure is very dangerous. To keep all residents safe, we ask that residents evacuate 2km away from the UXO (bomb) as directed by the Nauru Police Force. 

“If you live within the 2km zone you must evacuate.

“The evacuated area will include the Sports complex, and the Pacific Light House Church in Boe, the Wakka store in Nibok and all residences in Buada. Maps have been shared on the Government Information Office and the Nauru Police Force Facebook pages,” the Nauru government said in a statement. 

Thursday will be a pupil free day for all schools in Nauru.

“Evacuations will commence at 7am, with the area to be clear by 10am. The 2km cordon is expected to be in place for up to five hours. During this time the Australia Defence Force will make the UXO (bomb) safe.

“The Nauru Police Force will be present to give support and directions,” the government said.

To protect your houses, we encourage you to:

– open all your windows (home and car)

– cover your windows with blankets or bedsheets. 

– secure your valuables

– check to see if your family, friends and neighbours need help.

“We encourage people in the affected areas to join family and friends outside the cordon area.  Once the UXO (bomb) has been made safe and moved to be disposed of, you will be able to return to your home that day,” the Nauru government said.