Whose tune is sweetest in the Pacific game of musical chairs?

Nauru’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Lionel Aingimea (left) and Chairman of China International Development Agency, Luo Zhao- hui, jointly unveil the plaque marking the official re-opening of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nauru, at the Menen Hotel, in January. Photo: Government of the Republic of Nauru

Soon after Australia signed the Falepili union agreement with Tuvalu at the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in December, there was chatter that Nauru was next on the list for a similar deal with the Australians.

But then, the players hopped to different chairs. In mid-January, two days after Taiwan’s presidential election, Nauru announced it was going the One-China way “in the best interests of the Republic and people of Nauru,” scrapping its association with Taiwan since 1980 (with a brief, three-yearswitch to China from 2002 to 2005).

In the era . . .

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