Saluting our brave aviators

Fiji’s small knit aviation community was engulfed in grief and lots of sadness early in the month when a trainee pilot and

We Say

“We need to realise something: Either we speak up now and draw a clear line under freedom of speech, or we write


No to Sundancer movie The length to which authorities can go to make life miserable for political foes is, well breath-taking to

The Big Threat

Organised crime creeps into the region A NEW crime wave looms over the region – this time on the back of motorbikes.

‘At the dawn of a new day’

FLNKS Congress calls for “full sovereignty” AS New Caledonia’s FLNKS independence movement met in congress last month near the northern town of

The new Aussie assertiveness

A diplomatic spat between Beijing and Canberra has highlighted the Turnbull government’s new assertiveness in the Pacific islands as it pushes back

Plans to address HIV-AIDS stigma

AT least 747 new cases of people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) have been diagnosed in Fiji since February last

Who will be held responsible?

Kiribati under the spotlight after ferry disaster ATOLL nation of Kiribati in the northern Pacific was consumed with grief in January when