METHAMPHETAMINE has raised the red flag higher as more raids and discoveries take place in the hub of the Pacific. Border control

A win for Fiji Times

Fiji’s High Court in a landmark decision last month cleared the Fiji Times of sedition charges and declared its three newspaper executives

Power Sale Blackout

Critics decry ‘secrecy’ in sale of Fiji’s power utility Why the rush and secrecy behind the sale of Fiji’s power utility? This

‘Macron-ising’ the Pacific

As French President Emmanuel Macron visited Australia and New Caledonia in May, France consolidated its standing across the Pacific. President Macron strengthened

Fiji’s going Green on Bonds

In October last year, Fiji made a historic series of firsts in the international financial markets. It became the first emerging economy,

NCD impacts insurance payout

BSP Life has stamped its mark as one of the Pacific’s leading life insurance supplier with a record payout of F$58.6 million

We Say – Global Climate Finance

Relying on the much-touted global climate finance mechanisms provided for under the Global Environment Fund or the Green Climate Fund is like

So long Professor Bill

How he went was not in proportion to the huge impact he has left behind is one way of describing the quiet