Vendor back on her feet

UN project boosts families

THE decision of her husband to leave her behind with her two children did not deter Sulueti Liku from living her life. Her husband was the sole bread winner of the family and was a very successful farmer in his village Ms Liku described him as a very supporting and loving man but questions regarding his decision to leave his family remains.

“My husband left us when we needed him the most,both my sons were below the age of five when he left and it was one of the most difficult time in my life. “I was left shattered,I had no idea of what to do especially on how to feed my two children,”she said.

The 55-year-old single mother from Vendor back on her feet Nasivikoso,Magodro in Ba said the only choice she was left with was to continue with the work of her husband. “We own a yaqona and root crop plantation and so I started to do farming and such practice was not so common in my village,”Ms Liku said. 

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