Dreams born out of a family’s struggle

“RENOVATE and extend our home to be bigger and better than what we have now.” That’s the aspirations of a market vendor at the Nadi Market. Akeneta moved to her mother-in-law’s village with her husband a few years ago to better support her family.

She has one child in year 11 in high school and a daughter attending the Nadi Special School Vocation Centre and five sons looking after the family farm in Navosa, which is about 4 hours away from Nadi Town. Nawaka, her mother-in-law’s village, is just a few minutes away from Nadi town, which made selling vegetables at the market a viable option for Akeneta and her husband, and a way to support their family in the long term.

They started by selling their farm produce outside the Nadi Market. Every week their sons at the village would send produce in a carrier for them to sell. The couple would wake up at five o’clock every morning, prepare their family’s breakfast and get their children ready for school before they travel to the market to sell their produce.

They did this together as a couple until Akeneta’s husband passed away in February 2016. 

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