Saving face

Forum seeks regional support

IN a face-saving gesture, regional private sector and civil society organisations will have an opportunity for informed discussions on PACER-Plus prior to the signing of the Agreement. This is after the region’s two largest economies – Fiji and Papua New Guinea – decided not to sign the agreement in its current form.

The 7th regional Non-State Actors Dialogue is being planned for the 29th of May ahead of the signing, which is scheduled for June. The Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor, welcomed the progress made on the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus negotiations, and encouraged participating non-state actor organisations to continue playing their important role in advancing the Agreement.

“It is critical that the region take an inclusive approach to the finalisation of the PACER Plus text, and its implementation going forward,” Taylor said “The involvement of the private sector and the civil society, as appropriate, in the execution of the PACER Plus is extremely important.”

“The purpose of the Pacific Islands Forum is to strengthen regional cooperation and integration in order to further Members’ shared goals of economic growth, sustainable development, good governance and security,” said Dame Meg. “PACER Plus provides a framework toward regional economic development and integration.”

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