Nauru Debacle

Your article on Nauru (IB March 2014) contains many inaccuracies and accepts as true untested and generalised defamatory allegations from unnamed persons against ex magistrate Peter Law. I note as follows; Firstly, Jacobson left Nauru on 31 January and has not returned. Secondly, your claims that “following a string of misdemenours including improper conduct with staff ” is libellous. There were untested and denied allegations of misbehaviour. The government has never identified who made the allegations save for one person whom the President himself said had no credibility. Thirdly, I did not say the sacking of Law was a breach of “common law.” I said it was a breach of the rule of law, and it plainly was. You do not sack and replace a judicial officer because you want to get a different result. Fourthly, it is false and defamatory to say that “apparently Law was not capable . . . time after time he had his impartiality challenged.” Over three years, his impartiality was never challenged before his dismissal. In addition, your assertion that “Eames ignored an injunction . . .” is wrong. It was the President and Minister for Justice who ignored my injunctions which restrained them from deporting Law, and later Henshaw. Furthermore, there were no sackings of Australian citizens that were done “because of their links or allegiances to Law and Justice Eames.” That is completely false. The government refused to give any reason for deporting Henshaw, who was not an employee of government in any event. No employee was sacked because of an association with me or Law. We did not even know the second businessman who was deported (a Fiji citizen by the name of Haneef Mohammed).

Geoffrey M Eames AM QC Australia.

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