InDepth: Seeking meaningful change

The Pacific Council of Churches takes on climate change, self determination Since being elected as the Pacific Council of Churches’ General secretary


SPC’s new boss, West Papua politicking, Bishop’s new role, Tone deaf in Chimbu and Palau’s security breach. … read more buy your

Movers and shakers

NEW Caledonia’s new President is Thierry Santa. The anti-independence politician was elected by 11 Government members in June. he is part of

Roadblocks on the path to a post-Cotonou deal

THERE are many suitors currently wooing the Pacific islands. Australia is “stepping up” and New Zealand “resetting” its relationship. China comes bearing gifts, India wants to

Next generation skills

Will workers of the future be ready? Space tourism guide, criminal redirection officer, commercial drone pilot, 3-D printing technician, augmented reality developer