Tonga’s Dr Tupou-Roosen is new FFA Boss

DOCTOR Manu Tupou-Roosen, Director General-designate of the Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency plans to bring to the role a strong commitment to empower the Pacific people through greater cooperation.

And this she believes is only possible through effective communication and collaboration between the FFA Secretariat based in Honiara, Solomon Islands with members and stakeholders of the regional body mandated with assisting member nations manage their offshore fisheries better.

“Our mission is clear – to maximise the economic and social benefits of our Pacific people through the sustainable use of our offshore fisheries resources,” Dr Tupou-Roosen wrote in an interview conducted via electronic mail.

“Our platform to deliver on that mission is also clear – cooperation. This is the cornerstone of our success as a region. It is our Pacific Way and it is the only way that we can ensure a safe, stable and prosperous region for our people. My priorities will be empowerment of our people, effective communication and effective collaboration between the FFA Secretariat, members and all stakeholders. These tools are critical to successful cooperation in order for our Pacific people to prosper.

“Using our skills and resources to continue strengthening our tools to combat IUU [Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated] fishing as well as to enhance social benefits will also be top of mind for me in this role.

“I will be actively reaching out to all members and all stakeholders. I am committed to listening. I am committed to working closely with the Deputy DirectorGeneral Matt Hooper, our staff and our members, and all of our partners such as the PNA Office, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and SPC-FAME Division, to embrace a wide range of views, to ensure that the FFA is as effective as possible in delivering on its mission.”

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