OBESITY continues to be a problem which must be addressed if we are to build a healthier region. For this obesity will eventually lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Across the Pacific, lifestyles are changing rapidly. Throughout the region you can find hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza and carbohydrate-loaded, grease saturated food in every town and city.Food is a thriving business and that’s reflected in the literally growing size of the population. Most recently the United States and Australia have face problems with childhood obesity.

Our children also lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles. With cars available to more families, many students no longer need to walk to school. After class, students spend their leisure hours in front of electronic games or internet screens in the arcades which have sprung up in our towns and cities. Or they are at home in front of the television, playing electronic games or surfing the Internet.

Gone are the days when neighbourhood children would gather in the nearby park or vacant lot for a game of soccer or touch rugby. Gone are the days when boys would make and fly kites, using the grounds of the nearest school as an extended back yard.

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