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2018 February

We say

It is hard to believe that in a region surrounded by sea, legislation has not been created, or enforced if they exist

2018 January

Our wish list for the New Year

“Instead of a spirit of revenge there will be forgiveness, in place of hatred there will be love, compassion over vindictiveness, honesty

2017 September

Suburban risk

Time to pay for vital services THE fire which destroyed a significant part of Hanuabada Village in Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port

2017 August

Keep Pacific nuclear-free

LAST month, the heads of the Pacific’s largest churches met in Auckland, New Zealand, and voiced concern over continued nuclear activities in

2017 June

The great plastic threat

THE region faces an enormous threat from plastic bags and other synthetic material initially designed to make life easier. Every day, thousands

2017 May

Protect the environment

PROTECTION of the environment must be foremost in our minds as we watch the gradual demise of smaller island states like Tuvalu

2017 May

Give us Media Freedom

JUST over eight years ago this month, as thousands of Christians marked the death of Jesus Christ, Fiji’s interim government crucified the

2017 April

Fulfilling the prophetic role

Time for the churches to speak THE church continues to play an integral part in community life in the region more than

2017 March

Prepare for the worst

IN October 1972, Hurricane Bebe ripped through Fiji leaving 13 people dead in her wake. This was – at the time –