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Advancing regional integration

Writing about the future of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in this magazine last month, I concluded: “Economic union will come in due course

2017 August

Sailing into known waters

Swire boosts import-export services A NEW shipping service combined with the upgrade of liner networks will open up key markets in the

2017 July

PACER setback

Trade agreement no closer to a Plus in economic cooperation relations for the Pacific  JUNE 14, this year, marked the signing ceremony

2017 June


How a 1-week contest inspired farmers and boosted Solomons cocoa exports TEN new farmers emerged as finalists at this year’s Solomon Islands

2017 June

Pods of gold

New flavour offer for choco industry as Vanuatu cashes in ON Malo Island in Vanuatu, Moli Lui observed in silence as the

2017 February

Kava ban

Suspect exports under scrutiny as Fiji prepares to stop two-day kava FIJI will soon ban the importation of the suspect two-day kava variety

2016 September

Can of worms

Dispute over tinned meat FED up with constant bullying and a continued trade imbalance with its Melanesian neighbour, Papua New Guinea has