Islands Business Aug 2022 cover

A note from the editor

This month, Islands Business was able to attend the Forum Economic Ministers meeting in Vanuatu. You’ll see coverage of some of the


Vanuatu, Niue borders reopen this week

After closing its international borders to everyone except citizens and residents two years ago following the COVID-19 pandemic, Vanuatu is reopening and


Fijian pastor deported from Vanuatu

A Fijian Pastor has been deported Tuesday through a joint operation by the Vanuatu Immigration Services and Vanuatu Police Force (VPF), through

Teleworking realities

The COVID-19 has been dubbed the “great accelerator,” as it brought an enormous shift to digital around the world. Schools and learning went online, video conference participation rose dramatically, medical services were delivered over the phone and Internet, and businesses struggling to implement their digital strategy took the leap, simply because they had no other choice.

Solomon Islands aftermath

Outlook 2022: The year ahead

For the third year running, COVID-19 is defining and disrupting life, leadership and governance in the Pacific Islands. Compounded by climate change-related