BSP Life Investment Portfolio Surpasses $1 Billion

BSP Life, Fiji’s leading Life and Health Insurance provider, today announced that its Investment Portfolio has exceeded $1 Billion, making it the second institutional investor to do so, after the Fiji National

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BSP Life Pays $44 million in Benefits from January – June 2023

BSP Life today announced it paid $44million in Customer Benefits for January – June 2023. This equates to around $1.7 million a week, an increase of 13% from the average of $1.5 million a week in 2022. Most payments

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BSP Life pays $80million in Benefits

09 February 2023 – BSP Life today announced a record $80 million in Benefit payouts for 2022. This equates to over $1.5 million each week. Most payments were for Living Benefits from life insurance policies at $56

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