SPTE 2024: A Pacific Gateway to Global Markets

Calling all tourism-related professionals from the Pacific, brace yourself for an unparalleled opportunity that will transform your travel business!  The South Pacific Tourism Exchange (SPTE) 2024, organised by the Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO), is your definitive entryway into a world of boundless possibilities.

A Glimpse of Prosperity

Envision a gathering where representatives from nearly 20 Pacific nations convene, each eager to spotlight the unique allure of their homeland. SPTE 2023 set the stage, and SPTE 2024 is poised to shine even brighter. Making its debut in Fiji, this event promises an unmatched chance to explore the Pacific’s magnificence in its full splendour.

Why SPTE 2024?

SPTE isn’t just an ordinary trade show; it’s a gateway to unexplored markets and distinctive cultural encounters. The triumph of SPTE 2023 in Christchurch echoes the numerous fruitful collaborations between exhibitors and buyers. Now, imagine an event even more magnificent, a stage where the charm of the Pacific Islands is on full display. SPTE 2024 is that and beyond.

Connect with Key Buyers: Your Gateway to Thriving Business

At SPTE 2024, expect the attendance of some of the industry’s most prominent buyers – wholesalers, travel agencies, and OTAs specifically focused on Pacific Island products. This convergence presents an unparalleled opportunity, offering your business the optimal environment to thrive and expand exponentially.

Connect, Collaborate, Conquer

SPTE 2024 invites sellers, tour operators, and product market representatives to widen their horizons. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the field, SPTE 2024 provides a platform to connect with kindred spirits, collaborate on thrilling ventures, and conquer new markets. This event isn’t just about business; it’s about fostering enduring partnerships that drive growth and ingenuity.

Get Set for Your Adventure!

Excitement mounts as SPTE 2024 approaches. Registration will commence shortly, beckoning you to embark on this unforgettable journey. Keep an eye on updates, for this is your doorway to a realm of endless prospects.

So, fellow entrepreneurs shaping the Pacific travel industry, prepare for an unparalleled expedition. SPTE 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s a commitment to unlocking new horizons, fostering invaluable connections, and presenting limitless opportunities. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Pacific paradise – this event marks the gateway to your next significant leap in expanding your business globally.

Registration is Open Now!

To register as a Buyer, please visit www.sptexchange.org/buyers/

To register as a Seller, please visit www.sptexchange.org/sellers/

For more details, visit SPTE Official Website or contact the SPTE Secretariat at spte@spto.org.

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