South Pacific Waste Recyclers celebrates 10 Years

It has been 10 years since the Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companies (CJS Group), undertook a commitment to contribute toward creating a sustainable society by making recycling a normal part of life that builds on environment conservation and climate resilience.

”To celebrate our 10″ anniversary in 2020, is fitting because COVID-19 has reminded us just how as human beings we have very little control over what is happening around us; in the environment and in our society. There is an urgent need for people to make changes to their lifestyles and how we live on earth,” said Mr. Charan Jeath Singh, Company Chairman and Managing Director.

Mr. Singh also believes that we as individuals have a responsibility to the environment and through the philosophy of recycling we can achieve our obligation to meeting the global commitment to limit global warming to less than 2°C.

A commitment not taken lightly by the CJS Group with a production of around 20,000 tonnes of recycled paper from the factory in the last 10 years; saving the country F$45 million in foreign exchange from import substitution.

“We recognize that through our partnerships with various organizations we have been able to materialize our vision for a more sustainable community, however the reality is that we need more paper. With more waste paper we will be able to produce more recycled paper. Therefore, we want to acknowledge the many organizations that have been a part of our journey the last 10 years and to recognize the difference we are collectively making toward saving our environment,” said Mr. Singh.

Part of the anniversary celebrations on the evening will also be to recognize and acknowledge its Top 20 suppliers of waste paper to the plant. However, there is still a need for more paper, more input material to increase the percentage of used paper that is recycled. This means that the plant has the capacity to produce more recycled paper and with more organizations supplying to the plant, it will be able to meet its full potential.

Celebrations will also include a tour of the recycling plant, in the hopes that those in attendance will be inspired to contribute toward the process by supplying waste paper materials or through the company’s pick-up system that assists with facilitating the collection.

The waste paper is processed to produce recycled paper which is then in-turn used to manufacture toilet tissue, “Nambawan Toilet Tissue” which retails at a much more affordable price. To ensure a balance of supply against demand; an increase in production of recycled paper must also mean an equal demand for or use of recycled paper/tissue.

Since the inception of the plant in 2010, it has collected on average 2500 tonnes of paper annually or around 25,000 tonnes of paper in the last 10 years, which would have otherwise gone to land fill.

These are the realities of the impact of recycling and with the collective efforts of an entire country, will we be only able to contribute toward the sustainable future we hope to achieve.

The anniversary celebrations will also honor the commitment, dedication and passion to the vision of the organization by recognizing its Long Serving Staff. Throughout the 10 years, the company has created employment for about 80 full time staff and 20 casual staff.

More than 200 guests are expected to attend the reception that will be held on Thursday 26 November at the South Pacific Waste Recyclers Factory in Bulei Road, Laucala Beach, Suva.

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