‘New Papua New Guinean Leader for PacTow’

Gerard Kasnari (Manager) has taken over the leadership of Pacific Towing. Steamships is proud to have another Papua New Guinean manage one of its businesses.

Maritime veteran Gerard Kasnari has taken over the leadership of marine services market leader, Pacific Towing (PacTow).  Previously, PacTow’s Marine Operations Manager and ‘2IC’ for nearly a decade, Kasnari’s new role of ‘Manager Pacific Towing’ has him overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in PNG’s maritime sector, Kasnari brings a wealth of expertise to the position. Importantly, he has played a critical role in many of the achievements and initiatives (e.g., workforce nationalisation, cadetship programmes, fleet upgrades, regional expansion, and new services) that underpin PacTow’s success. 

Kasnari’s first role with PacTow was as its HSSEQ Manager and Designated Person Ashore.  After being promoted to Marine Operations Manager in 2019 he continued to play a key role in enhancing PacTow’s safety systems, processes, and performance – including the company’s first 5-year LTI-free period.

Kasnari commenced his seafaring career in 1985 and became one of the country’s youngest ships master at just 24 years of age.   In addition to his maritime experience, Kasnari also has considerable mining logistics experience, including aircraft and trucking operations.  He held supervisor and manager roles with Ok Tedi mining for nearly 14 years, as well as a management position on the Frieda River Project. 

Steamships Managing Director, Rupert Bray, emphasised that Kasnari’s “considerable experience in combination with his dedication, commitment, and proven leadership skills make him the ideal candidate to take Pacific Towing forward and to continue to deliver exceptional service to its customers.”

Kasnari replaces Neil Papenfus, who after 17 years with Steamships, has taken up a position with PNG Ports Corporation. We extend our gratitude to Neil and wish him every success in his new role as CEO of PNG Ports.


PacTow delivers excellent, reliable, and safe marine services through PNG and the broader region. A well-maintained fleet, as well as a dedicated and exceptionally trained team underpin the company’s ongoing expansion and success. PacTow is part of a larger sea and land logistics group wholly owned by Steamships Limited.  To learn more about PacTow:  www.pacifictowingmarineservices.com.

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