Air Niugini’s Emerging Leaders Focus On A New Path

Sixty-one Air Niugini employees from all parts of the airline have successfully completed the inaugural Air Niugini Emerging Leaders’ Program. This now sets the graduates on a new path of progress and career growth.

The 10-month program focused on optimising the employees’ leadership potential in their current and future roles. It involved classroom training as well as one on one coaching and strategic and culture change project execution.

It’s the initiative of Air Niugini’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Gary Seddon since joining the airline in March last year. He initiated among others, training on customer service and leadership with a substantial funding investment set aside for this purpose.

Mr Seddon said the program is inline with the board’s vision of empowering and equipping staff with the right skills set and training.

“Succession planning is critical for Air Niugini. We must ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are identified and provided with the tools and opportunities to reach their full potential.

“The Emerging Leaders’ Program is a unique development opportunity for our dedicated employees to develop their careers. Please use this opportunity to drive your career.”

Deputy Board Chairman, Mr Anthony Seeto assured staff of the board’s support and acknowledged them for their commitment as they juggled work, studies and family in completing the leadership program.

“The program has equipped you with strategies, practical tools and skills needed to become better leaders. You now have that power to make a difference,” Mr Seeto said.

Board Directors Lady Aivu Tauvasa and Dame Monica Salter also witnessed the graduation. More than half of the graduating cohort are female employees. Air Niugini is exceptionally proud of its track record of gender inclusivity.

There was positive feedback from the graduates. Air Niugini’s Executive Chef, Thomas Molean said, “before this program, I was always doubting my ability in implementing new ideas and innovative solutions but I am now more confident in my decision making. I am excited about the opportunities at Air Niugini.”

Nanoa Iogae, Fokker Fleet Maintenance Controller, was awarded the ‘CEO’s Prize for Leadership’ for this graduating class, demonstrating all of the attributes expected of an Air Niugini leader. That includes a desire to see those around you succeed.

Air Niugini’s Emerging Leadership Program and Customers Services training are being delivered in collaboration with RDL Management Consultants, who have been conducting this program in PNG for 18 years. The next group of Emerging Leaders program commences in April, while the Air Niugini customer service training is continuing.

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