South Pacific Waste Recyclers, “Making Good on our Promise”

Our 10 years of Service
“Our 10th anniversary celebrations is not only to recognise our achievements operating as South Pacific Waste Recyclers, but to acknowledge especially that in these 10 years we “walk the talk”. When we started in 2010, we were committed to protecting the environment and that is exactly the foundation of our work as a recycling plant and we have not wavered from that focus in any way.” Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Charan Jeath Singh

South Pacific Waste Recyclers Ltd, a subsidiary of the Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companies, celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Thursday 26 November at its factory in Laucala Beach, Suva. The 350 guests in attendance were urged to make lifestyle changes to protect the environment. It is evident that the time for talking is over and through the company’s recycling philosophy it is making headway in its commitment to climate action:

• Producing around 20,000 tonnes of recycled paper from the factory in the last 10 years, saving around F$45 million in foreign exchange from import substitution
• Saving the country from importing 1450 of Hicube 40 feet container of Jumbo or mother rolls
• Collecting an average of 2500 tonnes of paper annually or 25,000 tonnes of paper in the last 10 years, which would have otherwise gone to land fill.

There is an immediate need to change the bureaucratic processes within our systems to enhance recycling – it should be seen as a way forward for environment protection.

Our Partners
“A core component of the recycling process is the raw material (waste paper). Over the years we have engaged with various companies that are equally passionate about conservation and have chosen to come onboard by supplying their waste paper– our shared vision for Fiji has been the cornerstone of our partnership.” Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Charan Jeath Singh

As part of the anniversary celebrations the top 20 suppliers of waste paper to the recycling plant were recognised on the evening. In no particular order, they are;

1. Star Printery                                                                       11. ANZ
2. Quality Print                                                                       12. Westpac Bank
3. Print House                                                                        13. BSP
4. Janty Kanvan                                                                     14. USP
5. FDB                                                                                    15. FNU
6. Suva Bookshop                                                                  16. William & Goslings
7. Serenadip Investments                                                      17. Ministry of Education
8. Max Marketing                                                                   18. Post Fiji
9. Unique Rubber                                                                   19. FNPF
10. HFC                                                                                  20. Ministry of Environment

The waste paper received at the plant is treated to produce recycled paper that is manufactured into “Nambawan Toilet Tissue”. Although a lot of progress has been made with recycling, to have a viable operation there is a need for more input material to be able to operate to the full potential of the recycling plant.

Our People
“At the heart of our operations, is our staff. There will be no operation without the sacrifice of our staff. They are the ones who have actioned our vision, by turning it into reality. They have ensured that as an organisation, we make good on our promise, and to them I am truly grateful.” Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Charan Jeath Singh

Recognised on the evening for their 10 years of dedicated service to the organisations were; Mr Atish Kumar Head of Maintenance, Ms Sovaia Nakabu Production Line Supervisor and Ms Sakintra Devi Production Line Supervisor. In honour of their commitment they each received a certificate and gift voucher.

Speaking on behalf of the staff, Ms Devi acknowledged the suppliers; “You all are doing a tremendous job in contributing to a cleaner and greener Fiji and I’m sure you are all aware that you are not only supporting SPWR but also doing your part in clearing our landfill.”

The company has employed more than 80 full time staff and 20 casual staff over the period of 10 years.

Our Future
“As an organisation, we continue to challenge ourselves to find more innovative ways for a clean, green and sustainable Fiji. And to do this we are making changes within our own organisation to ensure we can adopt more green initiatives into our daily operations and this is the next step for us.” Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Charan Jeath Singh

Over the years the company has identified that there is a significant amount of power used to operate the entire plant and the company has decided to make immediate changes to its operations. In partnership with Techno Ltd, a 200 KW ON GRID solar system will be installed on the roof of the Nambawan factory. The system will cater for about 50 to 60% of the daytime power consumption of the factory and in any case excess power is produced, it will be fed back to EFL at an agreed tariff.

This initiative is the future for the Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companies, as we make good on our commitment to achieving a cleaner Fiji.

Charan Jeath-Singh

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