Resilient, Agile and Smart Infrastructure

Lenovo Event 2022

On April 27th, 2022, VirtualFlex partnered with Lenovo for the Resilient, Agile and Smart Infrastructure Program at GPH, incorporating Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a way to solving humanity’s greatest challenges. Lenovo’s Asia Pacific Director Sinisa Nikolic spoke on how technology and AI can be incorporated into our daily lives bringing about benefits which include improving our way of life, agriculture, environment and business growth. Existing customers of VirtualFlex attended this successful Lenovo Event, benefitting from the inputs by the speakers. “They will gain a perspective for their organization on how AI and aspects of performance computing can make them more competitive in the marketplace and how they can grow their revenue using this type of technology.” – Sinisa Nikolic, Lenovo’s Asia Pacific Director.

Fiji Meteorological Services High Performance Computing (HPC) – A First-of-its-kind in Fiji

VirtualFlex, in partnership with Lenovo implemented a unique High Performance Computing (HPC) for Fiji Meteorological Services in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and Agency for Meteorology, Climacy and Geophysics of the Republic of Indonesia (BKMG). This first-of-its-kind in Fiji solution enables the local computing of numerical weather prediction data which then can be distributed to the regional public. Using this technology, the Fiji Met services will be better able to gather more predictable data to consistently forecast weather conditions, develop early warning systems, reduces risks of weather disasters, and enable early detection of weather threats.

Other Milestones

Organizations in the business sector as well as government sector have benefited over the years from ICT solutions provided by VirtualFlex. They worked with FRCS to provide on premises cloud native technology solution to enable FRCS to fully utilize its taxation platform. HFC Bank is also adopting the similar technology solutions to achieve an cloud like solution but locally, within the bank’s datacenter. Organizations have achieved more efficient, cost effective, reduced risk and business focused solutions. VirtualFlex recently completed the design and implementation of the University of the South Pacific’s voice system (or PABX) implementing a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution that includes voice, extensions, soft phones and mobility. Customers have also benefited from their professional support when it comes to ICT. VirtualFlex now has offices located in Suva, Nadi, Port Moresby, Auckland and with further plans for expansion.

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