Karyon Organic: The Key to Soil Health & Fertility

Farmers all around the world experience the same problem; over time, their crop yield slowly drops, the amount of fertiliser they need to use (as well as the amount of money they must spend) goes up, and their crops become weak and sickly. Many farmers do not realise that soil is alive. One tablespoon of soil contains more than 7 billion micro-organisms, which play a vital role in the biological processes of plant growth. Excessive farming, especially where chemical fertilisers are involved, causes these micro-organisms to die. Dead micro-organisms means dead soil, and dead soil cannot give life to crops or grow healthy plants. In many cases, dead soil is the root of the problems that farmers struggle with; the decreasing yield, increasing maintenance expenses, and weaker and unhealthier crops. Thankfully, there is an organic solution to this problem that is now available in the Pacific region. Hundreds of thousands of farmers around the world use Karyon Technology, an organic soil ecology re-establishment formula, because it naturally enriches their soil, increases soil fertility and keeps the soil’s micro-organism population healthy.

When you put fertiliser in the soil, your plants’ roots do not absorb it on their own. Micro-organisms digest the chemicals, fertilisers, and nutrients in the soil; they break these things down and feed them to the plants’ roots in a form they can consume. This is similar to how the bacteria in your stomach break down your food into a form your body can absorb and use for fuel. Without micro-organisms in the soil, the fertiliser you spend so much money on will just sit in the ground, not being absorbed by the plants. This means that your plants are effectively starved and your fertiliser is effectively wasted. However, plants grown in healthy, living soil can uptake and absorb all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

The benefits of farming on healthy soil are tenfold. Farms that use Karyon Organic to enrich their soil and that their crops develop stronger and larger root systems, mature faster, are able to survive disease and unfavourable weather conditions more easily, and they grow by cell multiplication (which means they grow firmer, stronger and sturdier) rather than cell elongation (which means they are weaker and more disease and breakage-prone; most growth hormones cause plant growth by cell elongation).

Joeli Fatafei, a farmer from Sigatoka, Fiji Islands, had this to say about the difference Karyon Organic has made on his farm: “Before using Karyon, I was not getting much yield. I used to harvest vegetables like long bean once a week, and it looked sickly. My sales were less than half of what I am getting now that I use Karyon. Now, my crops are really healthy and I harvest every 2 days. At the market, my vegetables sell fast because of how healthy they look and how good they taste. Before, I had to use a lot of fertiliser to get a small, sickly yield. Now, I only use pesticide and a very small amount of fertiliser blends for the sugar, and my yield is double what I was getting before I used Karyon.”

Joeli Fatafei
3-month-old tomatoes grown with Karyon

Soil health plays an important role in farming, and Karyon Organic is the key to unlocking the full potential of your soil. Samisoni Farms, the exclusive distributor of Karyon Organic in the Pacific is currently giving free samples to interested farmers in the Pacific region who want to see the results for themselves. Contact Samisoni Farms at sepl.ta.karyonfiji@gmail.com to apply for a sample.

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