Get our best TT rates for importers and exporters!

Fexco Pacific Business Payments help importers and exporters with great rates on international business payments.

The Fexco Pacific Business Payments service enables businesses to quickly and easily pay for goods and services across borders throughout the world in a variety of Pacific and international currencies.

We have designed a product that is a real alternative to the traditional wire transfer service. Our service gives you the same end result but does so by partnering with modern payments companies with modern payment infrastructures so that we can offer faster and cheaper (but still safe and secure) business payment options.

We always aim to provide excellent exchange rates and lower transaction fees than your current provider. We provide this highly competitive and flexible service to a diverse range of clients, including government departments, local authorities, universities, charities, churches, state-owned enterprises, major corporates, and small to medium sized businesses.

For Importers – make international payments in a variety of Pacific and international currencies at our best rates. Convenient and fast service.

USD | AUD | NZD | Euro | Pound | Canadian Dollar | Japanese Yen | Chinese Yuan | Fiji Dollar | Samoan Tala | Tonga Panga | Vanuatu Vatu | Korean Won | Taiwan Dollar | and many more….

For Exporters – receive international payments from abroad. We give you great rates on your inbound TTs on major currencies.



Fexco Pacific is the biggest agent network of Western Union in Fiji and across the Pacific with close to 100 branches and numerous sub-agent locations.
Fexco Pacific also operates its own currency exchange under the No1Currency brand. Our locations are conveniently located in airports, city centres, shopping malls, and key towns.


Solid Corporate Standing
We are part of the Fexco Group which is the most successful financial services company in Ireland. Fexco has invested in technology to develop and deliver the best solutions to meet customer needs. Fexco processes upwards of €14bn in transactions per annum across FX, treasury, digital tax and government backed financing sectors. Fexco has developed deep expertise in governance and risk management, as well as lasting relationships with international financial institutions and banks.

Fully Licensed with Reserve Bank and Regulators
We operate in 13 countries in the Pacific and are fully licensed in all of them – New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, American Samoa, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, East Timor, New Caledonia, and Australia. We fulfil all our legal and regulatory obligations where we operate. In each of the 13 countries in which we operate we are subject to regular audits and reviews by government agencies to confirm that we abide by all relevant legislation giving you peace of mind and security.

Established Compliance and Risk Management Framework
We fulfil our obligations to the international financial community and our existing clients by ensuring all new clients are legitimate. Before Fexco Pacific can provide a service to a potential client we must go through several steps to meet our AML/CFT obligations.

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