Employment in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has a serious unemployment challenge, with now more than 15,000 job seekers and less than 4,000 new jobs per year being created (based on National Provident Fund data). We have a serious unemployment challenge on our hands.

A core service of Pasifiki HR is Vacancy advertising. Pasifiki HR has a large following on Facebook, and our website visits exceed a million views annually. With our large digital platform, we aim to fulfill our vision by connecting people to job opportunities.

Our vacancy data shows that vacancies range from 50 to 300 vacancies per month, advertised across all media. Formal vacancies average about 140 per month. We are expecting that 2023 will exceed 2022 which was impacted by COVID.

Government in its various forms still dominates vacancies advertised and therefore jobs created, followed by local businesses.

Most roles advertised fall within the categories of Administration Professionals, Finance Professionals, and Protective Services workers.

Not all vacancies are advertised so this data (refer to graph) does not capture the total number of job opportunities available or created in the country. Nevertheless, the data shows that in contrast to the total number of school leavers per year, we are rapidly growing the pool of unemployed. This is one reason that labour mobility is such an important issue for the Solomon Islands.

Pasifiki HR has extensive experience working with both local organisations and international organisations in the Solomon Islands since 1998, and we continue to enhance the connection between employers and employees.